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Everyday, the doctors at the Calgary Back and Sports Injury clinic successfully treats patients with back, neck and musculoskeletal injuries. Patients receive personalized treatment and rehabilitation care from Board Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialists.

Making you a priority, the doctors’ focus on your unique condition, optimizing your treatment delivery, relieving pain, restoring normal movement patterns, and strengthening the back, spine and supporting muscles so you can enjoy daily activities.

The chiropractors at the Calgary Back and Sports Injury Clinic are professionally trained to select the best variety of treatment options to get you better quickly. These include several modalities such as manipulative therapy, soft tissue therapy (Active Release, and Myofascial Release), muscle stimulation, ultrasound, SpiderTech kinesiological tape, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, acupuncture, active functional rehabilitation exercises, stretching and strengthening of muscle groups.

The clinic reserves limited same day appointments for priority urgent care access.

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