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Calgary Hockey Injuries Clinic

Hockey players love the game, and suffering from an injury that keeps players off the ice is no fun. These injuries can be debilitating and frustrating, and if not addressed properly can result in lost ice time, delayed player development and valued time spent with the team lost.

The Calgary Hockey Injuries Clinic evolved from Dr. Conway’s community involvement in minor hockey, and his ability to effectively treat the injured players on his son’s team. His patient load of hockey players suffering back, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries grew steadily as his son developed into a Midget AAA and then Junior A, and University hockey player. Word spread and a steady stream of hockey players from Midget AAA to professional hockey players began seeking care for their hockey injuries at Marlborough Chiropractic Clinic.

The Calgary Hockey Injuries Clinic was subsequently created to provide specialized treatment and care specifically for hockey injuries. The Calgary Hockey Injuries Clinic not only enables hockey players to safely return to the game, but provides them with their own place for expert specialized care and rehabilitation.

Services Provided

  • Hockey Injury Diagnosis & Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Imaging Referral
  • Manipulative Therapy
  • Active Release (ART) and Myofascial Release
  • Soft Tissue Laser Therapy
  • SpiderTech Kinesiological Taping
  • Personalized Strengthening, Rehabilitative & Exercise Programs
  • Computerized Biomechanical & Sport Posture Analysis
  • Computerized Prescription Hockey Orthotics
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Body Composition Analysis

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